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Are you a restuarant Chef or Owner that wants to show how awesome plants and plant based dishes can be? Want to join us for the Veg Challenge and treat your customes to something special? It's time to show off how good you really are...

Dining Participant

Time to join the crowd! Click on the link below to joing the crowd of diners who are planning on going Vegan with us. Don't just talk about it do it. Let the restuaurants in the valley know you want more vegan options on their menus by lining arms with us in this challenge.

I want to help the cause!

Becoming Vegan can be a hard choice for some. The struggle to break patterns in your life and deal with eyes and mocking your decisions can be hard. We have some products that we hope will help restaurants, grocery stores, and anyone else to understand your choices...

Making Choices...

Makings choices in our everyday lives seem so simple, right? As children, we are taught to make "good" choices in our lives..."Stand up for what is right", "follow your heart." However, not every choice is easy to make.

Did you know you are still a child? We are children of mother earth. It is our responsibility to make "good" choices for our planet. In the history of humanity, a lot of choices have been made, some good and bad. Our bad choices have enabled us to turn a blind eye to moral decisions.

We have killed animals for food and consumed so many resources without thinking. We live in a society that can produce plant-based meat alternatives that are almost identical to real meat products. Did you know that food manufacturer are getting on the bandwagon of creating the most amount of meat substitutes because consumers want them? Demand is up 300% for meat alternatives, and manufacturers are willing to deliver.

Becoming vegan is not a silver bullet for all of our problems, nor is it easy. But, it is the best choice we can make as children and for the next children to inherit.

So, what is your choice?

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Next Steps...

This is should be a prospective customer's number one call to action, e.g., requesting a quote or perusing your product catalog.